Phylogenetics of Maxillarieae (Orchidaceae)

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This study is a continuation of our work on other subtribes of the tribe Maxillarieae, especially subtribes Zygopetalinae, Oncidiinae, , and Stanhopeinae.


Although this site is primarily concerned with the subtribe Maxillariinae, we have worked on the other subtribes of the tribe Maxillarieae, as well as on the overall systematics and phylogenetics of the tribe. The monophyly (100% bootstrap support) and subtribal relationships of tribe Maxillarieae were established based on highly resolved, well-supported cladograms of combined ITS, matK, and trnL-F sequence data (Whitten at al. 2000). We recognized six subtribes: Coeliopsidinae, Eriopsidinae, Maxillariinae (including Lycastinae and Bifrenariinae), Oncidiinae (including Pachyphyllinae, Ornithocephalinae, Telipogoninae, and Lockhartiinae), Stanhopeinae, and Zygopetalinae (including Cryptarrheninae, Dichaeinae, Huntleyinae, and Warreinae). These data do not support the taxonomic systems of Brieger et al. (1994-2000) or Szlachetko (1995). The relationships of subtribes in tribe Maxillarieae shown below are based on the combined ITS/matk/trnL-F analyses.

The numerical values are bootstrap percent support values.

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