Personal Data:

Address: Office PO Box 117800

Florida Museum of Natural History
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7800

Phone (352) 392-1721 ext. 203

FAX (352) 846-2016



University of Alabama Sept. 1961 - Aug. 1964 B.S.

Washington University Sept. 1964 - May 1965

University of Alabama June 1965 - Aug. 1966 M.S.

University of Miami Sept. 1966 - Jan. 1971 Ph.D.

Professional Experience:

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, Washington University, 1964-65
Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Alabama 1965-66
NSF Graduate Teaching Summer Fellowship, 1966
NDEA Fellowship, University of Miami, 1966-68
Smithsonian Institution Pre-doctoral Internship, at the
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute 1968-69
Research Assistant to Dr. C.H. Dodson 1969-71
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Laboratory for Quantitative
Biology, University of Miami Jan. 1971 - Aug. 1971
Visiting Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of
Botany, Smithsonian Institution 1971-72
Research Associate, Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, FL
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Science,
Florida State University 1973-78
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Science,
Florida State University 1978-81
Associate Curator, Joint Associate Professor of Botany, and
Keeper of the Herbarium, Florida Museum of Natural History,
University of Florida 1981-84
Chairman, Department of Natural Sciences, Florida Museum of Natural History, 1985-1994
Curator, Joint Professor of Botany, and Keeper of the Herbarium,
Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida 1984-present

Memberships in Professional Societies:

American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Society of Naturalists
American Society of Plant Taxonomists
Association for Tropical Biology
Botanical Society of America
Fellow of the Linnean Society of London
International Association for Plant Taxonomy
International Society of Chemical Ecology
Society for the Study of Evolution


Phi Beta Kappa

Sigma Xi

Woodrow Wilson Fellow

Honorary Life Member, American Orchid Society

American Men and Women of Science

President's Medal, University of Costa Rica

Adjunct Research Scientist, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Lankester Prize 2003, University of Costa Rica, for pioineering work on the ecology, evolution, phylogeny, and systematics of orchids

Research Interests:

A. Molecular systematics of orchids and euglossine bees

B. Systematics and evolution of the Orchidaceae

C. Chemistry of floral fragrances

D. Pollen morphology and pollination mechanisms in the Neotropical Gesneriaceae

E. Attraction of euglossine bees to floral fragrances and pollination of aroids, gesneriads, and orchids by euglossine bees


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Research Support:

American Orchid Society (AOS) Fund for Education and Research. 1967. "Field Work in Central America." $600.

AOS Fund for Education and Research. 1970. "Scanning Electron Microscope Studies of Orchid Pollen." $969.

National Science Foundation. 1972-75. "Vegetative Anatomy of the Oncidiinae (Orchidaceae)." $30,000.

FSU Committee on Faculty Research Support. 1974-75. "The Interaction of Floral Fragrance Components and Euglossine Bees." $3,140.

AOS Fund for Education and Research. 1976-78. "Structure and Evolution of Orchid Pollen." $2,000.

AOS Fund for Education and Research. 1976-77. "Training Orchidologists for the Future." $3,100.

AOS Fund for Education and Research. 1977-79. "A Survey of Plicate Leaf Anatomy, Leaf Morphology, and Pollen Morphology of Selected Temperate Orchids of Northeastern United States." $984.

AOS Fund for Education and Research. 1977-78. "Training Orchidologists for the Future: Part II. Generic Considerations in the Zygopetalinae." $3,730.

Southern Regional Education Board. 1977-78. "Travel Expenses for Unusual Facilities." $240.

FSU Foundation Grant. 1977-78. "Chemical Ecology and Sociobiology of Euglossine Bees." $995.

National Science Foundation. 1979-82. "Chemical Ecology of Euglossine Bees: The Role and Composition of the Mandibular Glands in Males." $65,856.

National Science Foundation. 1979-82. "Pollen Morphology and the Systematics of the Neotropical Gesneriaceae." $56,221.

AOS Fund for Education and Research. 1983-86. "Floral Fragrance Analyses of Species and Hybrids of the Stanhopea and Catasetum Alliances." $5,700.

Hewlett-Packard Corporation. 1986. "Instrumentation for chemical ecology: computer system upgrade for GC/MS." $40,000 grant to my laboratory for a new computer system for our GC/MS.

National Science Foundation. 1986-89. "Systematics of osmophore ontogeny and structure in euglossine-pollinated orchids." $120,000. I was Co-Principal investigator on this project with Dr. W.L. Stern.

National Science Foundation. 1987-89. "Chemosystematics and Pollination of Gongora (Orchidaceae)." $57,571 for first year, $56,797 for second year, total award $114,368. Extended through May 1990.

Ciba-Geigy Corporation. 1987. Donation of a 20'x 50' Lord & Burnham greenhouse for use in the orchid research program at the University of Florida. Value $16,000.

American Orchid Society. 1997-98. "Molecular approaches to the phylogeny of the Oncidiinae (Orchidaceae)". $6,150.

National Science Foundation 1998-2000. "Collection improvements for the University of Florida herbarium". $115,032.

National Science Foundation 1999-2003. "Molecular and morphological systematics of the subtribe Oncidiinae (Orchidaceae)". $25,000.

American Orchid Society. 2002-2004. $10,802. "What is Oncidium? Phylogenetics as a prelude to a revised classification of Oncidium and related genera."

National Science Foundation. 2003-2005. "Systematics of Maxillariinae (Orchidaceae): generic delimitation, pollinator rewards, and pollination." $300,000.

National Science Foundation 2006-2009 "Mechanisms of the Evolutionary Origins of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM) in Tropical Orchids" $760,000 total, $145,451 UF portion. Three years.

National Science Foundation "Enhancements Of The Genetic Resources Of The Neontological Collections At The Florida Museum Of Natural History" $263,244. One of five CO-PIs, three years, awarded.

American Orchid Society "Molecular Systematics of the Neotropical Sobralieae: Parting the Reeds of Sobralia and Relatives" $7,096. December 2006-December 2008.

American Orchid Society "Comparative chloroplast genomics of Orchidaceae". $14,580. May 2007-May 2009.

Grants Awarded to Students:

Sigma Xi grants to K.J. Fritze (2), A.M. Pridgeon (1), W.M. Whitten (1).

Smithsonian Institution Predoctoral Fellowship at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute to J.D. Ackerman.

National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant 1981-83 to W.M. Whitten. "Floral Fragrances and Pollinators of the Gongora Quinquenervis Complex in Panama." $7,500.

Furness Fellowship from the American Orchid Society to Mario Blanco

KLARF Fellowship for one semester at the Royal Botanic gardens, Kew to Mario Blanco, 2006.

Field Experience:

1965 Panama - Mar-Apr.

1967 Ecuador - June-Aug; Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico - Sept-Dec.

1968 Panama - Jan-Feb; Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua - June-Sept; Panama - Sept-Dec.

1969 Panama - Jan-Aug; Ecuador - March.

1970 Suriname, Guyana - Mar-Apr; Ecuador - June-July; Guyana - Aug; Panama - Sept, Dec.

1971 Panama - Aug.

1972 Colombia - Mar-Apr; Panama - Apr; Mexico - Nov-Dec.

1974 Panama - Dec.

1975 Ecuador - Jan.

1976 Panama - Mar, Dec.

1978 Panama - Mar-Apr, July.

1979 Panama - Sept.

1980 Ecuador - Feb-Mar; Panama - Apr, Sept-Oct.

1981 Ecuador - Oct-Nov.

1982 Ecuador - Feb-Mar; Bolivia - Nov-Dec.

1983 Bolivia - July-Sept.

1984 Bolivia - Jan.

1987 Ecuador - Aug.-Sept.

1988 Ecuador - Nov.-Dec.

1989 Ecuador - Apr.-May, Nov.-Dec.

1990-1995 Ecuador, one month per year.

1995 Argentina - March.

1999 Argentina, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Mexico.

2000 Ecuador

2003 Ecuador - Sept - Oct.

2004 Ecuador - February

2005 Ecuador - October - November

Courses taught (at FSU and UF):

1973-74 Evolution, Field Botany, Introduction to Plant Diversity

1974-75 Introduction to Plant Diversity, Evolution

1975-76 Topics in Population Biology (Genetic Basis of Evolutionary Change), Evolution, Biosystematics, Experimental Botany

1976-77 Evolution, Introduction to Evolution and Ecology, Introduction to Plant Diversity

1977-78 Introduction to Evolution and Ecology, Origin and Evolution of the Angiosperms

1978-79 Introduction to Evolution and Ecology, Tropical Botany, Evolution, Population Biology, Scientific Photography, Plant Diversity

1979-80 Introduction to Evolution and Ecology, Field Botany, Speciation, Plant Diversity, Scientific Photography

1980-81 Evolution, Reproductive Biology of Flowering Plants

1982-83 Evolution

1997-2001 Molecular Systematics of Plants (each spring)


Previous Graduate Students:

Gilbert D. Newton, M.S. 1977.

Karen J. Fritze, M.S. 1979.

James D. Ackerman, Ph.D. 1981.

John T. Atwood, Ph.D. 1981.

Alec M. Pridgeon, Ph.D. 1981.

W. Mark Whitten, Ph.D. 1985.

Katia Silvera, M.S. 2002

Kurt Neubig, M.S. 2005

Current Graduate Students:

Mario Blanco, Ph. D.

Lorena Endara, Ph.D.

Kurt Neubig, Ph.D.

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