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Phylogenetics of Maxillariinae (Orchidaceae)

Representatives of major clades of core Maxillariinae

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Figure 9. Representatives of major clades of core Maxillariinae. The names used here reflect the new nomenclature and authority names and specimen citations are given in the two publications listed in the Phylogenetics section. A. Nitidobulbon cymbidioides (inset: flower with labellum deflexed, showing callus). B. Heterotaxis sessilis [=Maxillaria crassifolia], (inset: labellum showing callus); C. Ornithidium sophronitis (inset: flower in frontal view); D. Pityphyllum laricinum; E. Brasiliorchis phoenicanthera; F. Inti bicallosa (inset: flower in lateral view); G. Cryptocentrum latifolium flower showing nectariferous labellar spur, [inset: plant habit of C. peruvianum; H. Cyrtidiorchis frontinoensis (inset: column and pubescent labellum); I. Sauvetrea aff. alpestris (inset: flower, lateral view).  Powered by Zoomify

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