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Phylogenetics of Maxillariinae (Orchidaceae)

Representatives of major clades of core Maxillariinae

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Figure 10. Representatives of major clades of core Maxillariinae. The names used here reflect the new nomenclature and authority names and specimen citations are given in the two publications listed in the Phylogenetics section. J. Mormolyca richii (inset: flower, lateral view); K. Mapinguari longipetiolatus (inset: flower with labellum deflexed); L. Christensonella acicularis (inset: SEM of root showing annular thickenings of velamen; scale bar = 100 ?m); M. Rhetinantha scorpioidea (inset: labellum showing resinous secretion); N. Maxillariella procurrens (inset: flower showing shiny callus lacking reward); O. Trigonidium egertonianum (inset: flower in frontal view showing shiny blue petal apices); P. Camaridium paleatum (inset: flower, frontal view); Q. Maxillaria irrorata (inset: flower, frontal view); R. Sepals of various species of Maxillaria, torn to show presence/absence of fiber bundles. The top two ( Maxillaria gentryi and Maxillaria ochroleuca) have fiber bundles and belong in Maxillaria s.s.. The third and fourth ( Camaridium ctenostachys and C. hoehnei = M. imbricata ) lack fiber bundles. The fifth (Mormolyca rufescens also lacks fiber bundles.  Powered by Zoomify

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