Phylogenetics of Maxillariinae (Orchidaceae)

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Adapted in part from Darin Penneys Melastomataceae WebSite and used with his permission.


TreeBASE - A centralized location for a vast scope of phylogenetic information.
Tree of Life - A searchable, clickable cladogram with information about every form of life on earth.
PAUP* - PAUP* is the most commonly used phylogenetic analysis program. The MAC version is a necessity for anyone seriously interested in molecular systematics.
Orchid Tree of Life Project - This links to an unsuccessful proposal to assemble a complete phylogeny of the Orchidaceae.
Herbaria and Collections

Types at the Smithsonian Institution - Search the Smithsonian (US) collection of thousands of type specimens.
New York Botanical Garden - Search the entire collection at the New York Botanical Garden (NY).
Types at NYBG - Type specimens at the New York Botanical Garden (NY).
Harvard - Type and general specimens at the Harvard University Herbaria (HUH).
Types at the University of Florida - Type specimens at the University of Florida herbarium (FLAS).
Paris- Search the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle (P).
Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio), Costa Rica - A directory of genera, species, and collection label data for Orchidaceae in the collection at the Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio), Costa Rica.
Missouri Botanical Garden - TROPICOS - The source for tropical specimens, most of Atwood's specimens databased here.

DNA - find gene sequences, chromosome numbers, or see how PCR and cycle sequencing work

NCBI - Search GenBank for DNA sequences of anything.
IPCN - Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers.
DNA Learning Center - This takes you to a great site devoted to public genetics education. An operating unit of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, it offers news and information about resources, workshops, and programs. Good animation to show how PCR and cycle sequencing work. Essential to understanding molecular systematics. Works on PC's and MAC's, but you need to download the animations.

Taxonomic resources

Kew Orchid Checklist - The Kew Orchid Checklist of all currently recognized genera and species [Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (2004)] is used as our reference. The current link is to the entire live, database-driven monocot checklist.
IPNI - The ultimate in plant names and bibliographic references.
Kew Record - This is an important resource for conducting literature searches. This is what we used to call Kew Record. It now takes you to a more extensive database. Here you can search across Kew's three major bibliographic databases in one go.

Just a few links to get you to some interesting pages.

Flora Mesoamericana - THE major floristic work for Central America. In Spanish and English.
Biological Diversity of the Guianas - Covers the three countries in northeastern South America.

Orchid Related Web Sites

This part could go on and on and on, so only a few preliminary links are given here. This should get you started in finding orchid web pages.

Selby Gardens - The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota Florida - great to visit, large display collection of orchids
Key to Costa Rican Maxillarias by John Atwood - John's work is the basis for our molecular work, but this is now somewhat out of date.
Orchid Research Newsletter - Newsletter from Kew, covers all aspects of scientific research on orchids
The Tribe Maxillarieae - This site has a number of good photographs of species of Maxillaria, as well as photos of numerous other interesting orchids.
The Orchid Mall - A set of links to a number of orchid related pages, many commercial ones. We have no relation to any of these vendors or web pages, but thought this link might be useful.
American Orchid Society - The major organization devoted to all aspects of orchids
The Sobralia Page - Not maxillarias, but devoted to another very intersting group of orchids, and has some good links. We have some molecular data on this group and should have it available soon.
The Stanhopea Page - Another good page for interesting genera.

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