Phylogenetics of Maxillariinae (Orchidaceae)

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This study is a continuation of our work on other subtribes of the tribe Maxillarieae, especially subtribes Oncidiinae and Stanhopeinae.


Downloads available here.

The following *.sea.bin files can be downloaded for you to examine on your computer, ONLY IF YOU USE A MAC. These files are self extracting and will work only on a MacIntosh, preferably a late model one with lots of RAM. You need to first extract or expand the "Colorfonts.sea.bin" file and then put it in your SYSTEM folder in the FONTS folder on your MAC. You need the latest version of PAUP* (- available from Sinaeur - ) to examine or run these files, but this is the only good way for you to see our data matrices. We assume you know something about cladistics and molecular systematics, as well as how to execute a NEXUS file and run PAUP* analyses. Sorry, but we have no plans to make this available for PC's.

The file max147.sea.bin is a large data matrix of 147 samples from 123 taxa for ITS. This will allow you to generate a cladogram based on just ITS for a limited number of taxa.

The file Colorfonts.sea.bin contains the color font file you will need to really work with the data matrix and see what's going on.

The file 4geneMAX.sea.bin is a matrix of ITS/matK/trnL-F/atpBeta-rbcL intergenic spacer for six taxa. It is set up so you can analyze for any one region, or all of them combined.

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