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One of the best ways to participate in the programs at the University of Florida Herbarium is through tax deductible gifts to our library. A comprehensive library is crucial to the functioning of an active herbarium. Library materials are utilized not only by herbarium staff and students, but also by a wide variety of patrons from many universities, agencies and the general public and spanning an array of disciplines.

Plant classification and nomenclature is intensively based on historical literature (ca. 300 years). Floras from many regions and specialized monographs are often required to accomplish plant identifications. Economic, useful and toxic plant publications, weed and invasive plant guides are essential for staff botanists to answer questions asked by the public and other researchers.

The volume of literature published greatly exceeds our financial capabilities. Publications listed in our catalog with the call number "[wish list]" or "[wish list2]" are items we have identified as important references that we currently do not have funds to purchase. Donations of these publications or funds to purchase them are welcome and tax deductible. Your gift will be acknowledged by letter. The item donated will also bear an acknowledgment. Contact the herbarium staff for more information:

Dr. Norris H. Williams, Keeper, or Kent D. Perkins, Collection Manager
University of Florida Herbarium (FLAS), Florida Museum of Natural History
379 Dickinson Hall, PO Box 110575, Gainesville, FL 32611-0575
Telephone: (352) 273-1990
E-mail: herb@[remove this spam preventer]flmnh.ufl.edu

Please consider a gift to the Herbarium Library today. Cash gifts are the simplest and most desirable method for providing support. Other means of giving include gifts of appreciated stock, real estate, bequests and life insurance. For more information on how you can help secure the future of the Herbarium, please contact:

Marie Emmerson, Director of Development
Florida Museum of Natural History
Telephone: (352) 273-2087
E-mail: emmerson@[remove this spam preventer].ufl.edu

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