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Data tags are used ONLY in the following fields.
FieldCommonly Used Codes
IDInfo OI (original id.)
DE (determiner)
DD (determination date)
DI (determiners institution)
DN (determination note)
AN (annotation)
--- (separator between annotations and original id.)
Label Info. LO (locality)
HA (habitat)
PD (plant description)
ST (section, township, range)
LA (latitude)
LG (longitude)
EL (elevation)
Notes LH (label heading)
LF (label footing)
NN (non-label note)
CN (common name)
NO (note)


Data Tagging Codes - Alphabetical
CodeMeaningWeb PrintField
##Collector Number[Coll. #:]Notes *Only if collection number doesn't fit collection number field
ACAnnotation commentary[Commentary ann.:]IDInfo
ADAnnotation regarding DNA usage[DNA ann.:]Notes
ARAnnotation, material removal[Material removal ann.:]Notes
AVAnnotation (voucher)[Voucher ann.:]Notes
BCBibliographic Citation[Specimen cited in:]Notes *Only for staff added citations. If a citation is on a label or added label tag as note or non-label note.
CNCommon name[Common name:]Notes
COCollector *Very rarely used.[Coll.:]Notes. *Only if collector doesn't fit in collector field
CPCollection permit[Coll. permit:]Notes
CRCollector related note *Very rarely used.[Collr. related note]Notes
DDDetermination date[Det. date:]IDInfo
DIDeterminer's Institution[Det. inst.:]IDInfo
DNDetermination note[Note:]IDInfo
DPDup. Determiner[Dup. det.]IDInfo
DVDup. Verified (confirmed)[Dup. verified]IDInfo
EBEthnobotanical usesnote[Ethnobotanical note:]Notes
ELElevation LabelInfo
HAHabitat LabelInfo
LALatitude LabelInfo
LCLocality Coordinates[Locality Coordinates]LabelInfo: only when info. doesn't fit other tags
LDLocality Datum LabelInfo
LFLabel Footing[Label footing:]Notes
LGLongitude LabelInfo
LHLabel Heading[Label heading:]Notes
LOLocation LabelInfo
NAAdministrative note[Admin. note:]IDInfo, LabelInfo, Notes
NHNote (hidden from public) Notes
NNNon-label note[Non-label note:]Notes
NONote[Label note:]Notes
NVVoucher note on label[Voucher note:]Notes
OIOriginal id.[Orig. id.:]IDInfo
PIPlant introduction number[Plant introduction #:], if in notesLabelInfo, Notes
PDPlant Description LabelInfo
RSReproductive Status[Repro. Stat.]Deprecated: use RS field
SOSource of specimen[Source:]Deprecated: use source field in AccInfo table
STSection, Township, Range[STR]LabelInfo
UEUTM Easting LabelInfo
UNUTM Northing LabelInfo
UTUTM coordinates, generic, without easting/northing designations. LabelInfo
UZUTM Zone LabelInfo
WICollected With[With:]Notes: only if other collectors do not fit in collected with field


Data Tagging Codes - By Field
FieldCodeMeaningWeb Print
IDInfo, LabelInfo, NotesNAAdministrative note[Admin. note:]
IDInfoACAnnotation commentary[Commentary ann.:]
IDInfoDDDetermination date[Det. date:]
IDInfoDIDeterminer's Institution[Det. inst.:]
IDInfoDNDetermination note[Note:]
IDInfoDPDup. Determiner[Dup. det.]
IDInfoDVDup. Verified (confirmed)[Dup. verified]
IDInfoOIOriginal id.[Orig. id.:]
LabelInfo: only when info. doesn't fit other tagsLCLocality Coordinates[Locality Coordinates]
LabelInfoLDLocality Datum 
LabelInfoPDPlant Description 
LabelInfoPIPlant Introduction # 
LabelInfoSTSection, Township, Range[STR]
LabelInfoUEUTM Easting 
LabelInfoUNUTM Northing 
LabelInfoUTUTM coordinates, generic, without easting/northing designations. 
LabelInfoUZUTM Zone 
NotesADAnnotation regarding DNA usage[DNA ann.:]
NotesARAnnotation, material removal[Material removal ann.:]
NotesAVAnnotation (voucher)[Voucher ann.:]
NotesBCBibliographic Citation *Used only for staff added citations. If a citation is on a label or added label tag as note or non-label note.[Specimen cited in:]
NotesCNCommon name[Common name:]
NotesCRCollector related note[Collr. related note]
NotesEBEthnobotanical usesnote[Ethnobotanical note:]
NotesLFLabel Footing[Label footing:]
NotesLHLabel Heading[Label heading:]
NotesNHNote (hidden from public) 
NotesNNNon-label note[Non-label note:]
NotesNONote[Label note:]
NotesNVVoucher note on label[Voucher note:]
Notes: only if collection number doesn't fit collection number field##Collector Number[Coll. #:]
Notes: only if collector doesn't fit in collector fieldCOCollector[Coll.:]
Notes: only if other collectors do not fit in collected with fieldWICollected With[With:]
Deprecated: use RS fieldRSReproductive Status[Repro. Stat.]
Deprecated: use source field in AccInfo tableSOSource of specimen[Source:]


IDInfo Field: Enter ids. in reverse order of date (most recent on top). Only start new lines for |AN|, |OI|, and ---. --- separates annotations and original identification.
 |OI| Kalmia polifolia Wang.
 |AN| Byrsonima lucida (Mill.) DC. |DE| Kent D. Perkins |DD| 21 Sep 2007
|OI| Byrsonima cuneata (Turcz.) P. Wilson |DE| L.E. Arnold
  |AN| Balduina angustifolia (Pursh) B.L. Robinson |DE| Brian R. Keener |DD| 2002 |DI| Herbarium of the University of Alabama |DN| Examined for Flora of North America
|AN| ! |DE| Conf. Christina "Nina" Raymond |DD| 1989
|OI| Balduina angustifolia (Pursh) Robins.
  |AN| ! |DE| Walter S. Judd |DD| 2003 |DN| Examined at FLAS in connection with phylogenetic analysis of Ericaceae. See Kron et al. 2003. Phylogenetic Classification of Ericaceae: Morphological and Molecular Evidence. Bot. Rev. 68: 335-423.
|OI| Kalmia polifolia Wang.
  |AN| Spigelia marilandica (L.) L. |DE| K.R. Gould |DD| 15 Sep 1997 |DI| The University of Texas Herbarium (LL, TEX)
|AN| ! |DE| R.L. Thompson |DD| [no date] |DI| Berea College |DN| Southeastern U.S. Flora
|OI| Spigelia marilandica L.

Note: regarding |ST| tagging: tag all STR modifier text inside |ST| tag section. E.g., "s.e. 1/4 of S31, T19S, R30E" should be tagged as: |ST| "s.e. 1/4 of S31, T19S, R30E." Not as, "s.e. 1/4 of |ST| S31, T19S, R30E."
LabelInfo Field: Paragraph returns are not necessary in this field, but may be used sparingly for easier readability. Paragraph returns should only be placed before a tag, not within a tagged element.
|HA| Sandy pine-hardwood slope and stream terrace forest |LO| ca. 0.3 
air mi NW of Ebenezer Church, 0.7 air mi NE of Carley Cem., 2.8 air mi NW of 
jct FL 197 and Fl S-64 in Brownsdale, ca. 3.7 air mi SE of Century; McCostill 
Mill Creek; Century 7.5' Quad.; |ST| SH, NEQ, SWQ, Sec. 28, T5N, R30W; 
|LA| 3055'00'' N; |LG| 8715'00'' W. |EL| Elev. 50-140 ft. |HA| Soils - 
Troup (Grossarenic Paleudults).
|PD| Abundant.  Small tree 2m tall. |HA| Shaded, moist area on south bank of
Saluda River.  Other trees and shrubs include Hamamelis virginiana, Sambucus 
canadensis, Euonymus americanus, and Ostrya virginiana.  |LO| Riverbanks 
Botanical Gardens, 1300 Botanical Parkway, Cayce.  2.5 miles W. of intersection
of US 378 (Sunset Blvd.) and SC 12 (Meeting St.), turn NW off of US 378 onto 
Botanical Parkway; |LA| 34.0059N, |LO| 81.0723W - Columbia North topo quad. 
|EL| Elev 180ft.

Notes Field: Most or all tags should start on a new paragraph (such as |NN|, |LH|, |LF|, |AC|, |AV|).
|AD| Small portion of leaf material removed for DNA analysis for: 
Systematics of the Gaylussacia frondosa complex (Ericaceae). Michael Gajdeczka 
& Wm. Mark Whitten (FLAS). 8 Aug 2007.
|LF| Collected for Pine Mountain Flora
|LH| Curtiss, North American Plants.
|NN| Missouri Botanical Garden Herbarium 874140 Duplicate from the Mo. Bot. 
Gard. Herbarium [stamped on sheet over MO accession seal]
|NN| David A. Watt Herbarium Purchased 1919 [stamped on sheet]
|NN| Ex Herbarium Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas [stamped on sheet]
|LH| The New York Botanical Garden. Exploration of Subtropical Florida.
|NA| Presumed collection number is not on label, it written above label, 
"No. 1013 from Dr. J.K. Small".
|NN| Gift of Robert P. St. John [stamped on sheet]
|NN| "indusia as pictured in Small" [penciled on sheet]
|LH| The New York Botanical Garden with the Cooperation of Mr. Charles
Deering.  Exploration of the Everglade Keys, Tropical Florida.

Reproductive Status Codes

Special Notations

Special notations are added about the status and positioning of various items on the specimens. These are often used in associaton with |NN| tags. Comments not on a specimen are placed in brackets []. The following are examples:

Type Codes

These one character codes are used in the type database (TypeInfo) types field to denonte the type of type:

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