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Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae, Englerian circumscription) - index of taxa
 Tillandsia [species indet.] 
 Tillandsia achyrostachys  
 Tillandsia balbisiana (U.S.*)reflexed wild-pine; northern needle-leaf; inflated and reflexed wild-pine
 Tillandsia balbsiana  
 Tillandsia baliophylla  
 Tillandsia bartramii Northern needle-leaf; gray needle-leaf; Bartram's air-plant
 Tillandsia brachycaulos  
 Tillandsia buchii  
 Tillandsia bulbosa  
 Tillandsia compacta  
 Tillandsia fasciculata (all*)quill-leaf; stiff-leaved wild-pine; cardinal wild-pine; cardinal air-plant; common wild-pine
 Tillandsia fasciculata var. clavispica  
 Tillandsia fasciculata var. densispica  
 Tillandsia fasciculata var. fasciculata  
 Tillandsia fasciculata var. floridana  
 Tillandsia fasciculata var. laxispica  
 Tillandsia fasciculata var. venosispica  
 Tillandsia fendleri  
 Tillandsia festucoides  
 Tillandsia flexuosa (all*)twisted air-plant; banded air-plant
 Tillandsia x floridana Florida wild-pine
 Tillandsia grandis  
 Tillandsia hotteana  
 Tillandsia juncea  
 Tillandsia leiboldiana  
 Tillandsia magnusiana  
 Tillandsia oerstediana  
 Tillandsia paniculata  
 Tillandsia paucifolia pot-belly air-plant
 Tillandsia polystachia  
 Tillandsia pruinosa (all*)fuzzy-wuzzy air-plant; hairy air-plant
 Tillandsia pseudobaileyi  
 Tillandsia punctulata  
 Tillandsia recurvata ball-moss
 Tillandsia schiedeana  
 Tillandsia selleana  
 Tillandsia setacea Southern needle-leaf; red needle-leaf air-plant
 Tillandsia simulata broad needle-leaf
 Tillandsia singularis  
 Tillandsia x smalliana  
 Tillandsia streptocarpa  
 Tillandsia streptophylla  
 Tillandsia usenoides  
 Tillandsia usneoides Spanish-moss
 Tillandsia utriculata (Florida*)swollen wild-pine; giant wild-pine; giant air-plant
 Tillandsia variabilis soft-leaved wild-pine; leather-leaf air-plant
 Tillandsia viridiflora  

* cataloging indicators: (all*)=all FLAS specimens ; (Florida*)=all Florida specimens; (SE U.S*)=all SE U.S. specimens ; (U.S.*)=all U.S. specimens.
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