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Tabebuia (Bignoniaceae, modern phylogenetic circumscription) - index of taxa
 Tabebuia [species indet.] 
 Tabebuia angustata  
 Tabebuia aurea (Florida*)Caribbean trumpet tree
 Tabebuia bahamensis Bahamian trumpet tree; five-fingers
 Tabebuia berteri  
 Tabebuia berteroi  
 Tabebuia bullata  
 Tabebuia chrysantha ssp. pluvicola  
 Tabebuia chrysotricha golden trumpet tree
 Tabebuia cf. chrysotricha golden trumpet tree
 Tabebuia conferta  
 Tabebuia guayacan  
 Tabebuia haemantha  
 Tabebuia heptaphylla pink trumpet tree
 Tabebuia heterophylla (Florida*)white cedar; pink trumpet tree; whitewood
 Tabebuia impetiginosa pau d'arco; ipe roxo
 Tabebuia lepidota cv. Inagua  
 Tabebuia cf. maxonii  
 Tabebuia myrtifolia  
 Tabebuia ochracea  
 Tabebuia ochracea ssp. ochracea  
 Tabebuia pallida  
 Tabebuia ricardii  
 Tabebuia riparia  
 Tabebuia rosea  
 Tabebuia schumanniana  
 Tabebuia serratifolia  
 Tabebuia simplicifolia  
 Tabebuia umbellata  
 Tabebuia vinosa  

* cataloging indicators: (all*)=all FLAS specimens ; (Florida*)=all Florida specimens; (SE U.S*)=all SE U.S. specimens ; (U.S.*)=all U.S. specimens.
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