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Solanum (Solanaceae, Englerian circumscription) - index of taxa
 Solanum [species indet.] 
 Solanum acerifolium  
 Solanum aculeatum  
 Solanum aethiopicum  
 Solanum allophyllum  
 Solanum americanum American black nightshade; common nightshade
 Solanum anguivi  
 Solanum asperolanatum  
 Solanum aviculare  
 Solanum bahamense canker berry; Bahama nightshade
 Solanum candidum fuzzy-fruit nightshade
 Solanum capsicoides soda-apple; cockroach berry
 Solanum caripense  
 Solanum carolinense horse-nettle; apple-of-sodom
 Solanum carolinense var. carolinense  
 Solanum carolinense var. carolinianum x var. floridanum  
 Solanum carolinense var. floridanum  
 Solanum chenopodioides black nightshade
 Solanum circinatum  
 Solanum conglobatum  
 Solanum conocarpum  
 Solanum crinitipes  
 Solanum crotonoides  
 Solanum didymacanthum  
 Solanum dimidiatum (all*)western horse-nettle
 Solanum diphyllum (all*)twinleaf nightshade; amatillo; two-leaf nightshade
 Solanum donianum mullein nightshade
 Solanum dulcamara climbing nightshade
 Solanum elaeagnifolium silverleaf nightshade; silver nightshade; white horse-nettle
 Solanum elaegnifolium  
 Solanum erianthum potato tree
 Solanum evolvulifolium  
 Solanum formonense  
 Solanum fortunense  
 Solanum gomphodes  
 Solanum gundlachii  
 Solanum hirtum  
 Solanum houstonii  
 Solanum incanum  
 Solanum jamaicense (all*)Jamaica nightshade
 Solanum lanceifolium  
 Solanum linnaeanum  
 Solanum lycopersicum garden tomato
 Solanum macrocarpon  
 Solanum mammosum  
 Solanum marginatum  
 Solanum mauritianum ear-leaved nightshade
 Solanum melongena eggplant; aubergine
 Solanum melongena cv. Black Beauty  
 Solanum nigrescens black nightshade; divine nightshade
 Solanum nigrum  
 Solanum nodiflorum  
 Solanum nudum  
 Solanum palinacanthum  
 Solanum perplexum  
 Solanum pichinchense  
 Solanum pseudocapsicum Jerusalem cherry
 Solanum pseudogracile  
 Solanum pygmaeum  
 Solanum pyracanthos  
 Solanum pyrifolium  
 Solanum quaesitum  
 Solanum quitoense naranjilla
 Solanum racemosum  
 Solanum radicans  
 Solanum riparium  
 Solanum rostratum buffalo bur nightshade
 Solanum scabrum  
 Solanum schulzianum  
 Solanum scuticum  
 Solanum seaforthianum Brazilian nightshade; climbing nightshade; St. Vincent-lilac
 Solanum sessiliflorum  
 Solanum siphonobasis  
 Solanum sisymbriifolium sticky nightshade; blue potato vine
 Solanum storkii  
 Solanum stramonifolium  
 Solanum suaveolens  
 Solanum tampicense (all*)wetland nightshade; aquatic soda-apple
 Solanum torvum (Florida*)shoo-shoo-bush; turkey berry; susumber; devil's-fig
 Solanum tuberosum  
 Solanum umbellatum  
 Solanum viarum (all*)tropical soda-apple
 Solanum villosum ssp. villosum red-fruited nightshade; hairy nightshade
 Solanum woodburyi Woodbury's nightshade
 Solanum wrightii  

* cataloging indicators: (all*)=all FLAS specimens ; (Florida*)=all Florida specimens; (SE U.S*)=all SE U.S. specimens ; (U.S.*)=all U.S. specimens.
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