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Rhynchospora (Cyperaceae, Englerian circumscription) - index of taxa
 Rhynchospora [species indet.] 
 Rhynchospora alba  
 Rhynchospora amazonica  
 Rhynchospora baldwinii Baldwin's beakrush
 Rhynchospora barbata  
 Rhynchospora breviseta shortbristle beaksedge
 Rhynchospora caduca anglestem beaksedge
 Rhynchospora capitellata small-headed beakrush
 Rhynchospora cephalantha headed beakrush
 Rhynchospora cephalotes  
 Rhynchospora chalarocephala loose-headed beakrush
 Rhynchospora chapmanii Chapman's beakrush
 Rhynchospora ciliaris fringed beaksedge
 Rhynchospora colorata white-top sedge; star-rush; white-top; white-eyed sedge
 Rhynchospora compressa flatfruit beaksedge
 Rhynchospora contracta  
 Rhynchospora corniculata horned beakrush; short-bristle Horned beaksedge
 Rhynchospora crinipes (all*)mosquito beaksedge; Alabama beakrush; hairy-peduncled beakrush
 Rhynchospora curtissii Curtiss' beakrush
 Rhynchospora debilis Savannah beaksedge
 Rhynchospora decurrens swamp forest beaksedge
 Rhynchospora divergens spreading beaksedge
 Rhynchospora domingensis  
 Rhynchospora elliottii Elliott's beakrush
 Rhynchospora eximia Florida beaksedge; baldrush
 Rhynchospora fascicularis clustered beakrush; compact beakrush
 Rhynchospora fascicularis var. fascicularis  
 Rhynchospora fernaldii Fernald's beaksedge
 Rhynchospora filifolia narrow-leaved beakrush
 Rhynchospora floridensis Florida whitetop
 Rhynchospora galeana  
 Rhynchospora globosa  
 Rhynchospora globularis pinehill beakrush
 Rhynchospora globularis var. globularis  
 Rhynchospora glomerata clustered beakrush
 Rhynchospora gracilenta slender beaksedge
 Rhynchospora grayi Gray's beakrush; Gray's beaksedge
 Rhynchospora harperi Harper's beaksedge
 Rhynchospora harveyi Harvey's beaksedge
 Rhynchospora hirsuta  
 Rhynchospora holoschoenoides  
 Rhynchospora cf. holoschoenoides  
 Rhynchospora inexpansa unexpanded beakrush
 Rhynchospora intermedia pine barren beaksedge
 Rhynchospora inundata inundated beakrush
 Rhynchospora kuntzei  
 Rhynchospora latifolia giant white-top sedge; white-bracted sedge; star-rush
 Rhynchospora macra large beaksedge
 Rhynchospora macrostachya  
 Rhynchospora marisculus  
 Rhynchospora megalocarpa large-fruited beakrush
 Rhynchospora megaplumosa long-bristle beaksedge
 Rhynchospora megapotamica  
 Rhynchospora microcarpa little-seed beakrush; small-fruited beakrush
 Rhynchospora microcephala tiny-headed beakrush
 Rhynchospora miliacea millet beaksedge
 Rhynchospora mixta mingled beaksedge
 Rhynchospora nervosa  
 Rhynchospora nitens short-beak beaksedge; bald-rush
 Rhynchospora odorata fragrant beaksedge
 Rhynchospora oligantha feather-bristle beaksedge
 Rhynchospora pallida pale beaksedge
 Rhynchospora paraensis  
 Rhynchospora perplexa pineland beaksedge
 Rhynchospora pineticola  
 Rhynchospora pleiantha coastal beaksedge
 Rhynchospora plumosa plumed beaksedge
 Rhynchospora pubera  
 Rhynchospora pusila  
 Rhynchospora pusilla fairy beaksedge
 Rhynchospora radicans  
 Rhynchospora rariflora few-flower beaksedge
 Rhynchospora recognita  
 Rhynchospora rugosa  
 Rhynchospora scirpoides long-beak beaksedge
 Rhynchospora scutellata  
 Rhynchospora solitaria  
 Rhynchospora stenophylla (all*)coastal plain beaksedge
 Rhynchospora sulcata Dixie beaksedge
 Rhynchospora thornei  
 Rhynchospora tracyi Tracy's beakrush
 Rhynchospora uniflora  
 Rhynchospora uniflora var. ekmanii  
 Rhynchospora velutina  
 Rhynchospora watsonii  
 Rhynchospora wrightiana Wright's beaksedge

* cataloging indicators: (all*)=all FLAS specimens ; (Florida*)=all Florida specimens; (SE U.S*)=all SE U.S. specimens ; (U.S.*)=all U.S. specimens.
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