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Cyperus (Cyperaceae, modern phylogenetic circumscription) - index of taxa
 Cyperus [species indet.] 
 Cyperus acuminatus  
 Cyperus aggregatus  
 Cyperus alopecuroides  
 Cyperus alternifolius umbrella flat sedge; umbrella sedge
 Cyperus aristatus  
 Cyperus articulatus jointed flat sedge
 Cyperus bipartitus  
 Cyperus brevifolius perennial kyllinga; green kyllinga
 Cyperus compressus annual sedge; poor land flat sedge
 Cyperus costaricensis  
 Cyperus croceus globe sedge
 Cyperus cuspidatus  
 Cyperus cyperoides  
 Cyperus difformis  
 Cyperus diffusus  
 Cyperus digitatus  
 Cyperus distans  
 Cyperus distinctus distinct sedge
 Cyperus echinatus globe flat sedge
 Cyperus elegans  
 Cyperus entrerianus  
 Cyperus eragrostis  
 Cyperus erythrorhizos redroot flat sedge
 Cyperus esculentus yellow nut sedge; chufas; nut-sedge; yellow nut-grass
 Cyperus filiculmis wiry flat sedge
 Cyperus filiculmus  
 Cyperus filiformis (all*) 
 Cyperus flavescens yellow cyperus
 Cyperus flavicomus  
 Cyperus fuscus  
 Cyperus cf. grayioides  
 Cyperus haspan  
 Cyperus hermaphroditus  
 Cyperus huarmensis  
 Cyperus humilis  
 Cyperus hyalinus  
 Cyperus hystricinus  
 Cyperus involucratus (all*)umbrella plant
 Cyperus iria flat sedge; rice flat sedge
 Cyperus lanceolatus epiphytic flat sedge
 Cyperus lecontei LeConte sedge
 Cyperus lecontii  
 Cyperus ligularis purple sedge; saw sedge
 Cyperus lingularis  
 Cyperus longus  
 Cyperus luzulae  
 Cyperus miliifolius  
 Cyperus mutisii  
 Cyperus cf. mutisii  
 Cyperus nashii pinebarren flat sedge
 Cyperus ochraceus pond flat sedge
 Cyperus ochraceus var. excelsior  
 Cyperus odoratus flat sedge
 Cyperus ovatus  
 Cyperus oxylepis  
 Cyperus papyrus papyrus sedge; papyrus flat sedge
 Cyperus pedunculatus (all*)beach-star
 Cyperus picardae  
 Cyperus picardae var. brevinux  
 Cyperus pilosus  
 Cyperus planifolius  
 Cyperus plukenetii  
 Cyperus polystachyos  
 Cyperus polystachyos var. polystachyos  
 Cyperus prolifer (all*)dwarf papyrus
 Cyperus pseudovegetus  
 Cyperus pumilus  
 Cyperus reflexus  
 Cyperus retorsus  
 Cyperus retroflexus  
 Cyperus retrofractus  
 Cyperus retrorsus pine-barren flat sedge
 Cyperus retrosus  
 Cyperus rotundus purple nut sedge; coco-grass; purple nut-grass; nut sedge; nut-grass
 Cyperus sanguineoater  
 Cyperus sanguinolentus  
 Cyperus sesleroides  
 Cyperus sesquiflorus fragrant spike sedge
 Cyperus simplex  
 Cyperus sphacelatus roadside sedge
 Cyperus sphaerolepis  
 Cyperus squarrosus  
 Cyperus stenolepis  
 Cyperus strigosus false nut sedge
 Cyperus surinamensis Surinam sedge
 Cyperus tenuifolius  
 Cyperus tetragonus four-angle flat sedge
 Cyperus uncinulatus  
 Cyperus uniflorus  
 Cyperus virens green sedge
 Cyperus virens var. virens  

* cataloging indicators: (all*)=all FLAS specimens ; (Florida*)=all Florida specimens; (SE U.S*)=all SE U.S. specimens ; (U.S.*)=all U.S. specimens.
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