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The history of the University of Florida Herbarium may be traced to 1891 when Peter H. Rolfs established the Herbarium of Florida Agricultural College. The herbarium and the associated paleobotanical collection have combined holdings of approximately 1/2 million specimens. The collections and estimated holdings include: vascular plants (231,000), bryophytes and lichens (160,000), fungi (57,000), wood (12,700), and paleobotany (125,000). It is the largest scientific plant specimen collection in Florida and the fourth largest in the southeastern United States.

The vascular plant, bryophyte and lichen collections are rich in historical material dating back into the mid-19th century. Notable collections include those of:

  • A.W. Chapman (Florida, 1840's-1860's)
  • A.H. Curtiss (Florida, 1890's)
  • A. Cuthbert (Georgia and Florida, 1890's-1910's)
  • R.L. Dressler (Neotropical Orchidaceae, 1970's to present)
  • A.P. Garber (Florida, 1870's)
  • A.K. Gholson (Florida and Georgia, 1970's to present)
  • R.K. Godfrey (Southeastern U.S., esp. Florida, 1950's to 1990's)
  • S.C. Hood (Florida, 1900's-1910's; United States, 1940's-1950's)
  • H.H. Hume (Florida, 1930's-1950's)
  • W.S. Judd (Florida, 1970's to present; West Indies (esp. the Dominican Republic and Haiti), 1980's to present)
  • W.A. Murrill (Florida, 1930's-1950's)
  • P.H. Rolfs (Florida, 1890's)
  • F. Rugel (Florida, 1840's)
  • E.P. & R.P. St. John (Florida ferns, 1930's-1940's)
  • J.K. Small (Florida, 1910's-1930's)
  • D.B. Ward (Florida, 1950's-1970's)
  • E. West (Florida, 1930's-1950's)

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