Loan Procedures

Loans of the GRR holdings involve destructive sampling. Thus our ability to make such loans is limited by the type and mass of the original sample. With this in mind, we have established a set of criteria for evaluating the merit of loan requests that will allow us to maximize the scientific value of the GRR's holdings. To learn about our loan policies and to place a request, please read the information provided in this and linked pages.

Individuals submitting loan requests must be associated with an established research and/or educational institution.

GRR does not consider loan requests for projects with commercial purposes. This policy is also reflected in the terms and conditions of GRR loan agreements.


  1. Finding Holdings of Interest: At present you must contact the appropriate curator via e-mail to determine if the museum's holdings include samples of your interest. In the future, all GRR holdings may be searched through these pages.
  2. Understanding Terms of Usage: Read the the Material Transfer Agreement (pdf). These restrictions are in accordance with the Florida Museum of Natural History's Collection Policy.
  3. Requesting GRR Holdings for Research: Prepare a formal request following the specifications given below:

    Internal Loans (Florida Museum of Natural History)
    Please access the Museum's Intranet site and fill the Loan Request form; you will find it under the Collection Managers Page.

    External Loans If you are a Graduate Student requesting samples for your research, your Major Advisor must co-sign the request. All loan requests must include allthe following information:
    • Download the Loan Request Form, and include the following information:
    • Project title
    • List of personnel involved in project: Lead investigators, students and technicians. Please indicate the name and position of the project member who will be responsible for the requested materials.
    • Project Description: Brief summary of the project listing the study's lead investigator(s), objectives, expected products and timeline to completion.
    • Techniques to be used: Please include information that supports the success of your techniques for the particular taxa that you are requesting. Specifically, we must be able to evaluate the likelihood of succesful data collection based on the experience and resources available to the lab requesting the loan.
    • List of requested material: Please specify the preferred amount and kind of tissue or volume of DNA or RNA extraction (ul). If special packing or shipping procedures are required please include your requirements in this section.
    • Statement describing the sources of funding that will ensure the completion of the project.
    • Acceptance of the Material Transfer Agreement stipulated by the GRR (very important!). Before any loans are released from the museum, a printed signed copy of the terms of use must be on file at the GRR. Download Material Transfer Agreement (pdf)
    • Copies of all permits if applicable.
  4. Submitting your Request: Please send your loan request documents to the following address:

    Pamela Soltis
    Genetic Resources Repository
    Dickinson Hall, P.O. Box 117800
    Gainesville, FL 32611-7800 U.S.A.

  5. Review of Your Request: We will evaluate all appropriately documented requests in the order they are received. The loan requests will be evaluated based on the criteria specified below. Loan requests will be evaluated by personnel from the GRR and the relevant biological collection. Criteria for approval for loan request:
    • Scientific value and feasibility of the planned project
    • Qualifications of investigator(s)
    • Evidence of sufficient lab facilities and funding
    • Rarity and replaceability of samples requested
    • When applicable, approval of Curator of the corresponding division or the materials' original collector
    • Proportion of samples being collected by the applicants prior to the request.
  6. Approval and Processing: Upon approval of the loan request, the loan requester will be asked to sign the Florida Museum of Natural History's Material Transfer Agreement. Upon receipt of the signed agreement the loan will be processed and shipped. Download Material Transfer Agreement (pdf)

Preference will be given to researchers who have demonstrated a willingness to collect some new materials independently and/or who routinely contribute new holdings to biological research collections.