Mammals Tissue Preparation

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The mammal collection receives a wide variety of samples that range from small rodents to whales. The Florida Museum acts as a State Repository for wildlife. Each specimen that is received is processed, and the skin, skeleton and tissues are prepared. In this process, additional biological information is obtained.

A large number of specimens deposited in the GRR by the Mammal range are endangered Florida Panthers (Puma concolor coryi) that are run over by cars or die in fights with conspecifics for territory due to the loss of their habitat. The tissues that we preserve are silent witnesses to the fate of this species, emphasizing the need for a better understanding of this species to guide conservation efforts.

Ms. Candace McCaffery, Collections Manager of the Mammal range, and students collect biological data for the specimen and prepare tissue samples of a male Florida Panther approximately one and a half years old that was run over by a car. This specimen was deposited in the Museum by the Florida Game Commission Office.