The Department of Natural History is part of the Florida Museum—a non-degree granting college-level unit within the University of Florida. The Department includes Curator Faculty, Collections Managers, full and part-time Scientific Staff, and students whose primary advisor is based in the Department. This Committee and the Department are governed by the Departmental Bylaws.

The Departmental IDEA Committee is responsible for making formal recommendations to faculty and the Chair on best practices for supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion. In fulfilling its mission to advance diversity, equity and inclusion, the Committee seeks to promote practices that encourage hiring, retention, and promotion of people from different racial, cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds regardless of their sexual orientation or disability status. 

The Department of Natural History IDEA Committee:

Nicole Cannarozzi (NH member)
Adania Flemming (Grad student member)
Taliesin Kinser (Grad student member)
Steve Manchester (NH IDEA chair)
Mariela Pajuelo (NH member)

Student Fund in Support of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Florida Museum