Incorporating Habitat Use Information into Stock Assessment Models for Blue Sharks in the South Atlantic Ocean

(Felipe Carvalho, PhD candidate in the Program of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at University of Florida) 

It is evident that stock and fishery dynamics vary spatially, and this variability should be considered in the assessment and management of fish stocks. Currently, few stock assessment models directly address spatial variability, and methods need to be developed to improve this situation. This is of concern, as commercial catches are geo-referenced and habitat information obtained from equipment such as pop-up satellite archival tags, hook-timers, and temperature depth recorders (TDRs) is becoming available. The overall goal of this study is the incorporation of information on behavior and habitat utilization of blue sharks into stock assessment models in order to better assess the impact of the fishery in the blue shark population in the South Atlantic Ocean.

FPSR Blue Shark ResearchThis is an International Cooperative Project Funded by the Brazilian Ministry for Fisheries and Aquaculture and NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Service.