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Fossil Guy - gives general information about fossils, fossil collecting, and collecting sites and helps fellow collectors identify their finds 

The Life and Times of Long Dead Sharks 

A Guide to Fossil Shark Teeth 

Fossil Shark Teeth: The Paleontological Society (PDF)

Shark Fossils Found at the Calvert Cliffs of Maryland 

Maryland Geological Survey: Miocene Fossil Teeth 

Identification Of Shark Fossils Found In New Jersey 

A Key to the Common Genera of Neogene Shark Teeth (PDF)

European Shark Teeth 

Fossil Shark Research (FSR) Lab At The State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart 

Sharks of Kansas 

Fossil Sharks In Panama (Smithsonian)

Shark References: Database

For Educators:

Educators Guide for Megalodon: Largest Shark That Ever Lived!
(Megalodon: Largest Shark that Ever Lived (a traveling exhibit) and this Educator’s Guide were produced by the Florida Museum of Natural History, with support from the National Science Foundation.

Megalodon PowerPoint Presentation - by Dana Ehret, Ph.D. candidate, University of Florida.

General Publications 

Time Capsules, by Delene Beeland, Explore Magazine)

UF study: Preserved Shark Fossil Adds Evidence To Great White’s Origins, University of Florida Press Release

Scientific Publications

Ehret, D. J., G. Hubbell, and B. J. MacFadden. 2009. Exceptional preservation of the white shark Carcharodon (Lamniformes, Lamnidae) from the early Pliocene of Peru. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology v. 29 no.1, p. 1–13. 

Ehret, D. J., B. J. MacFadden, and R. Salas-Gismondi. 2009. Caught In The Act: Trophic Interactions Between A 4-Million-Year-Old White Shark (Carcharodon) And Mysticete Whale From Peru. Palaios v. 24, p. 329–333.