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This exhibit gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the Museum’s collections and how scientists use them to tackle major world issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss and cultural heritage. Come and see millions of points plotted on two high-resolution maps representing an object from the Museum’s collections and showing where it was found. Ten featured objects from around the world reveal how the collections are used to address pressing scientific issues.

Two high-resolution maps

  • Millions of points on these maps create a visual representation of Museum objects and where they were collected, illustrating the diverse research conducted by Museum scientists.

Collection poem magnetic board

  • Create your own “collections” poem on an interactive magnetic board with words printed on colorful, magnetic strips.

  • The Florida Museum is home to more than 40 million specimens and artifacts from around the world.
  • Museum collections are libraries of the world’s biological, cultural and environmental history.
  • The Florida Museum manages some of the most comprehensive collections in the world.
  • The Museum’s McGuire Center, with more than 10 million specimens, has one of the world’s largest Lepidoptera collections, representing most of the world’s 20,000 butterfly species and many of the estimated 245,000 moth species.
  • Museum collections are a repository of life on earth. Every object has a story to tell.