Take a 360° virtual tour through our South Florida People & Environments exhibit with Darcie MacMahon, Director of Exhibits and Public Programs.

Did you know we hand-made each of the leaves on our mangrove trees? Spoiler: that’s a LOT of leaves and we got a LOT of help making them!

Why did we choose to enlarge the underwater experience for a view of what lives under a mangrove forest? How do we know about the Calusa, one of Florida’s early peoples? Who is the woman in the Seminole patchwork exhibit?

Journey through a South Florida estuary and learn how this rich ecosystem has supported people for thousands of years, including the powerful Calusa who once controlled all of South Florida. Discover some of the behind-the-scenes stories and techniques used in making an immersive exhibit filled with rare and interesting objects from the Museum’s South Florida archaeology collections.

Museum 360°: The Making of an Exhibit

This was recorded from a live streamed Zoom and Facebook tour on Thursday, July 30, 2020. In partnership with UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute and the Scientist in Every Florida School program.