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As north Florida residents, we are all familiar with Spanish Moss, that grey dangling stuff that hangs mostly from oak trees. Far fewer people are aware that it is a species of Tillandsia, in the bromeliad family. This means that the dangly stuff isn’t too far off from that pineapple you had for breakfast.

I bring this up because we have had an influx of Tillandsias, or air plants, to the “Butterfly Rainforest.” Once you reach the end of the path you will notice a large log covered in Tilllandsias. We also have added an orchid and a handful of Staghorn ferns to the log.

The log itself has been inside of the “Butterfly Rainforest” for several years but has not had a purpose for some time. The idea came to us that we might find it a new home and a new purpose.

So, after some heavy lifting (the log is about 8-10 feet tall) and a visit to our favorite bromeliad nursery, Tropiflora, we began the process of adding everything. For now the plants are held in place by plastic wire and waterproof glue, but in time the plants should naturally adhere to the log. There are more than 20 species of plants on that log so if you get the chance, come by and admire the greatness of Tillandias!