Our big project for almost two weeks has been something that will probably be opened with very little fanfare and confetti, but it’s really very exciting to us.

We are building a restroom specifically for the Discovery Zone, and it will feature a regular grown-up toilet as well as a cute little toddler potty!

In order to bring in hot and cold water, and send out a larger-than-normal drain pipe, we had to cut into the slab of the floor of our entire back area, from fabrication and break rooms, through storage areas and out! Which has meant a lot of noise and dust and inconvenience to a great deal of our staff and some visitors.

But we think it will be more than worth it to have these facilities available for the Discovery Zone when it opens. And the little toddler potties really are cute–and very handy if you have a toddler!

This doesn’t look like much, but it’s been a lot of work, and will be an amazing improvement for our visitors: