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My research lines explore the evolutionary and environmental factors that influenced the current distribution of pleurothallid orchids. My goal is to aquire and integrate information that will be useful for conservation strategies. My research is focused on the Andean flora with emphasis on the Ecuadorian taxa. >More about Lorena Endara

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Endemic orchids of Ecuador

We explore different aspects relevant to the conservation status of Ecuador’s endemic orchids. In this section of the website, preliminary information and data for the second edition of the Red Book of Endemic Plants of Ecuador is presented . >More information and to browse threatened categories...

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Pollination mechanisms of Dracula orchids (Pleurothallidinae)

The pollination mechanism employed by this fascinating group of orchids represents one of the most intriguing mysteries to orchid science. >More about our initial findings...

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Evolutionary history of Scaphosepalum

Tiny orchids may offer large insights into questions about orchid evolution. Scaphosepalum, a small lineage of pleurothallid orchids, represents an excellent study system to better understand patterns of speciation. The strange flowers of Scaphosepalum orchids display unique features and variability, offering clues into their evolutionary history. >Read more...

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New orchid species

Put on your jungle gear and go behind the scenes with us to learn more about the discovery of new orchid species! We’ll explain more about how and why we recognize a new species and take you through the actual process of describing one. Read more...

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What’s it like to be a scientist who studies orchids? We might not be as glamorous as our orchids, but you’ll see we have a lot of fun in the discovery process. >Check out some highlights from our recent fieldtrips and lab work!

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