What’s going on?

Severe storms and coastal development are degrading dunes in Florida. These natural events and human activities can disturb deep-rooted native plants growing on dunes, which normally serve to hold down and build up sand, a phenomenon known as accretion.

Dune plants can also stop sand from eroding and changing the makeup of Florida’s coastline.

Why it matters.

Dunes are important natural features. Losing them would mean we would lose a number of important ecosystem services for humans. Dunes offer stability and act as buffers against storms. Healthy dunes also have diverse plant communities, which provide food and habitat for many animals.

What you can do.

  • Prevent dune degradation by not walking on dunes or blocked areas.
  • Limit beach raking, which can destroy dune plant seedlings.
  • Avoid overwatering dune plants.
  • Learn about dune restoration projects throughout Florida.