Water hyacinth

Tell Me About: Water Hyacinth in Florida

Don’t let this plant’s beauty fool you! Water hyacinth, or Pontederia/Eichhornia crassipes, is a Category 1 Invasive in Florida and is currently wreaking havoc on freshwater ecosystems all across the state.

Sand dune in Florida

Tell Me About: Dune Health in Florida

Dunes are important natural features in Florida, but many dunes around the state are being degraded by things like severe storms and coastal development.


Tell Me About: Sargassum Blooms in Florida

While sargassum seaweed provides important nutrients and habitat for many species, it can bloom out of control and cause problems for marine life and humans alike.

Sand erodes from a shoreline

Tell Me About: Beach Erosion in Florida

Florida boasts 825 miles of coastline, but as of 2021, more than 426.6 miles of it are critically eroded. Learn about potential solutions to this costly issue.