SEFS group at boothThe Scientist in Every Florida School team had the chance to spread the word about the program at the recent Florida Association of Science Supervisors and Florida Association of Science Teachers conference, which took place Oct. 22-26 in St. Augustine. 

Bruce MacFadden, director of the University of Florida Thompson Earth Systems Institute, spoke for the second year in a row to district science representatives from across the state about the new SEFS initiative to connect scientists with every K-12 school in the state. MacFadden explained that in its first three years, the program aims to connect scientists with every K-12 public school in five target counties: Escambia, Alachua, Seminole, Lee and Palm Beach.

During this year’s presentation, MacFadden was able to share evidence and testimonia

Lesson presentation at FAST

ls about the impact of SEFS since last year’s talk. In addition to sharing feedback from professional development and school visits with scientists, he was able to formally introduce Brian Abramowitz and Stephanie Killingsworth. SEFS K-12 education and outreach coordinators, to the group. 

The two coordinators spent much of the day speaking individually with the coordinators from the five pilot counties as well as several additional counties who have expressed interest in pursuing the implementation of SEFS.

For the FAST portion of the conference, SEFS displayed materials, video, and information pertaining to the program at a booth in the vendor hall. They were met with huge interest by teachers across the state.

Over 75 teachers signed up for the SEFS Spotlight newsletter to stay informed on upcoming opportunities with the program which include: professional development, webinars, workshops, and events. 

teachers dipping coral polyp 3D prints in water

In addition to teachers, the SEFS team also spoke with several different agencies from around the state about potential partnerships.

Finally, the SEFS team presented content and lessons at four, one-hour presentations, reaching roughly 80 participants in total. 

If you would like to learn more about the SEFS program, visit: Scientist in Every Florida School