Type of position

Unpaid internship

A small stipend to offset travel costs is provided at the conclusion of the 2022-2023 program.

Position description

Friends of Nature Parks is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing and inspiring an appreciation for Florida’s natural environment through the educational resources of city environmental education staff and city nature parks in Gainesville. Friends of Nature Parks is seeking an intern to assist with the 2022-2023 Poetry/Art in the Parks program (PITP).
Poetry/Art in the Parks Program (PITP) provides:
  • A field trip (December-March) for fourth-grade students to visit a local park (Morningside Nature Center or Sweetwater Wetlands)
  • Funding is made available for transportation and park entry fees so there is no cost to the school
  • Students experience ranger-led educational programs relating to Florida history, ecology, animal and plant life, water conservation
  • An opportunity to connect a hands-on experience with classroom instruction in social studies, science, language arts, and visual arts
  • Students express the field trip experience through poetry or an art projects


Intern Requirements:

  • Transportation to visit participating Alachua County Public Schools and FoNP Board meetings
  • Excel spreadsheet skills
  • Communication, email, spreadsheet, and social media skills
  • Ability to interact with elementary teachers in a positive manner
  • Ability to communicate with FoNP Board with an age range of 40 – 75 yrs.
  • An interest in helping connect non-profit resources to local schools
  • An interest in helping public school students experience a nature park vs. active park

Remote or in-person


For questions, contact:

Penny Weber, info@friendsofnatureparks.org

To learn more and apply: