Holidays and special occasions can be incredibly wasteful due to excessive plastic packaging and non-recyclable materials. By committing to an ecofriendly holiday season, you can help keep the influx of trash that results from the holidays to a minimum. Sustainable gifting can also be economical and allows for personalization! By gifting with intention, sustainability is more attainable than you might think. Swipe for some tips and ideas on how to give presents mindfully and purposefully!

Why Gift Sustainably?  

Holidays and special occasions can be very wasteful due to excess plastic packaging and lack of recyclable materials. 

Sustainable gifts can be economical! Buy them secondhand or make them yourself! 

You can make them personal for the recipient. Be mindful of their interests!

Purpose for Sustainable Gifting 

The key to a successful sustainable present is gifting with purpose and mindfulness. 

To gift sustainably is to gift with intention, not contribute to the growing waste issue. 

Questions to ask: Do they need it? Will they use it? Will they enjoy it? 

Sustainable Wrapping 

For wrapping gifts, use something recycled or recyclable! Wrap a box using a cloth or left-over paper from packages. Gift food in reusable jars your recipient can enjoy! 

Gift Tips

Handmade gifts are personal.

  • prepare a meal/dessert
  • bouquet with local forage
  • make them a decorated card


  • books
  • recipes
  • electronics

Gifts can be virtual!

  • membership
  • gift card
  • digital tickets