Purchasing sustainable products can be a great way to reduce waste and pollution, but what about not purchasing anything at all? Learn about No-Spend Weeks and some ideas on easy sustainable choices and switches you can make today. Reminder: this will look different for every individual – do what you can with the resources and abilities you have!

What Is A “No-Spend Week”?

During a no-spend week, you commit to only buying absolute essentials, such as groceries and gas. Although sustainable products can be great eco-friendly alternatives, lowering overall consumption rates is the best way to live sustainably. Remember to reduce and reuse whenever you can!

Fashion and Clothing


  • Use old clothes or fabrics as rags for cleaning to reduce paper towel purchase and waste.
  • If you don’t have silicone reusable bags, wash and reuse plastic zipper bags.
  • Use old glass jars, plastic takeout containers, and plastic food packaging as storage, planters, decoration, etc.


  • Save any gift bags and tissue paper you receive to use for the next present you give.
  • Repair broken items instead of buying new products. View our previous Action of the Month to learn how!
  • Create DIY decor using household items, such as a dried citrus ornament.


Info from Going Zero Waste (Kathryn Kellogg) and University of Arizona.