This is an easy way to make a shark mobile (as adapted from

Materials List:

Procedure (for students):

1. Photocopy the outlines of each shark twice to make two sides for each species, then have students cut them out. You may enlarge the templates with the photocopier. The following shark templates have been provided for you to use (download & print the PDFs):

Bull shark
White shark
Great hammerhead shark
Thresher shark
Whale shark

2. Color the sharks (both sides of each) and cut them out.

3. Staple the front and back of shark together, leaving a small hole for the stuffing.

4. Using some cotton balls, slightly stuff the sharks.

5. Staple up the remaining hole in each shark.

6. Staple a length of string about 1 foot in length to the top of each shark. Vary the lengths a little bit to add variety to the mobile.

Procedure (for teachers):

1. Cut a length of wire from a clothes hanger about 1 foot long, using a wire cutter.

2. Repeat, using the other clothes hanger.

3. Using the pliers, make loops at the end of each piece of wire (these are to hang the sharks on). Make sure that there are no sharp edges exposed on the wires.

4. These steps are also for an adult: Using the pliers, make a loop in the center of one piece of wire.

5. Thread the other piece of wire through the loop you just made.

6. Bend this second wire downwards and twist, making a loop that intertwines with the center loop of the first wire.

7. Attach a shark’s string to each of the four outer loops.

8. Attach a string to the top center loop – this is for hanging up your mobile.