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The archaeology project at Paradise Park was the brainchild of Tony Clarke. Tony has long recognized the importance of archaeology in helping to define Jamaican heritage, and has been a major supporter of the work we have conducted at Paradise Park since 1998. Special thanks to Tony for his support and assistance.

Tony Clarke

Tony Clarke


Our field operations at Paradise Park are based out of two facilities. The "flat" has served as lodging for staff. It has two rooms and a bathroom with a hot-water shower and bathroom sink. The main room has a double bed, a refrigerator/freezer, toaster oven, kitchen sink, and an AC unit. The adjoining room has two single beds, and a ceiling fan. Although the flat is small, it is very comfortable and only a short walk from the Great House.

The Flat

The Flat


Our main base of operations is the 18th century Great House, also known as the "Clubhouse" because it served the needs of Paradise Park operations when there was a golf course, swimming pool, horseback riding, and other tourist amenities in operation. We have used the Great House as a dormitory, laboratory, dining room, and meeting place. There is a large kitchen with gas stove, refrigerators and freezers, coffee maker, toaster, washer and drier, and large men's and women's restrooms.

Great House

Front entrance to the Great House.


East side of the main foyer and dining area. Our computer and email connection is set up next to the bar.


West side of the main foyer serves as a lounge and living room.


The west side of the main room serves as our dormitory.


The rest of the main room serves as our lab.


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