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Middle Caicos, 1999

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For archaeologists, information about how artifacts are related to each other in the ground is more important than the artifacts themselves. Here, Betsy Carlson takes detailed notes on the location of artifacts in the site.

Michael on stadia rod

To interpret the relationships between artifacts their depth must be measured accurately. Michael Dion holds the stadia rod.

Betsy on level

Betsy Carlson uses a builder's level to record the depth of artifacts.


June Taylor and Betsy Carlson screening at MC-32. Soils from the excavation are passed through sieves to collect fish bones and other small artifacts

Sofia Marquet

Sofia Marquet drawing the stratigraphic profle of the north wall, MC-32. Unless there are later disturbances, older objects are below younger objects. The stratigraphy provides a history of soil and artifact depostion on the site that helps us to interpret changes through time.


Stratigraphic profile from MC-32.


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