The Florida Museum Budget & HR Office (BHR) is committed to pursuing and maintaining compliance with federal, state and local rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

It is the policy of the University of Florida (UF) that all purchases should be made through UF procurement mechanisms. The use of UF procurement mechanisms ensures that the purchases have received the appropriate review for compliance with all pertinent State laws, regulations, and university policies and that the university has achieved the best value.  Purchases may only be made for reasonable and appropriate goods or services necessary to accomplish the mission of the University of Florida.  For more information on allowable purchases, please visit here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the policy of the Florida Museum (FM) that all IT purchases must be coordinated by the Office of Museum Technology (OMT) in compliance with the FM IT Procurement Policy published on the Museum Intranet.  A detailed explanation of the IT purchasing process is published on the OMT website.

Your options for purchasing at UF:

  1. myUF Marketplace – UF’s preferred source for most ordinary purchases. Marketplace vendors partner with UF and must meet certain standards in pricing, service, sustainability, and diversity. This should be your first stop for everything from lab and office supplies to furniture and technical equipment.
  2. Purchase Order – An agreement between UF and a vendor to go forward with a purchase. Internally, POs help ensure that a purchase follows all UF policies and Florida law and sets aside (encumbers) the needed funds. A vendor must first be registered with UF in order to receive a PO. Required for all purchases $5000 and above.
  3. UF PCard – Best for small purchases, travel, and when paying by invoice is impractical.
  4. Invoice – Direct payment from UF to the vendor for a completed order. Vendors must first be registered with UF.

Tips and Guides to help these options run smoothly:

myUF Marketplace

 Purchase Order Requests

Purchasing Cards


Important Reminders: