Spanish Pitcher

  • Santo Domingo Pitcher
  • Santo Domingo Pitcher

Most pottery uncovered during excavations is in fragments. If archaeologists find multiple pieces of the same pot, they can reconstruct the vessel by filling in missing areas with plaster or putty.


Spanish Pitcher by Gifford Waters

This Santo Domingo Blue-on-White majolica pitcher dates to the late 16th to early 17th centuries. It was found in the Dominican Republic. Most of the pottery archaeologists find during excavations is very fragmentary. Fortunately, during excavations numerous fragments of this particular pitcher were found and archaeologists and ceramic technologists worked together to reconstruct the vessel. Plaster was used to fill in the missing pieces to complete the vessel, allowing scientists and Museum visitors a chance to view this beautiful piece of history.

Gifford Waters
Collection Manager, Historical Archaeology
Florida Museum of Natural History


Spanish Pitcher (reconstruction)
From Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Dates to AD 1550–1630

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