Carved Crane Head

  • Carved Crane Head
  • Carved Crane Head
  • Carved Crane Head

This object is on permanent display in the South Florida People & Environments exhibit, located in the “Native American Legacy” gallery.


Carved Crane Head by Bill Marquardt

This carving of a crane’s head is made of cypress wood and it was found at the Pineland site in Southwest Florida. It’s about 1,100 years old. We believe it’s the top part of a two-part-bird-head effigy; but the bottom part was never found. The holes on the side were part of a mechanism to allow the beak of the carving to snap shut when a string was pulled. It might have been part of dramatic performance, or part of a costume of a dancer. What do you think?

Bill Marquardt
Curator, South Florida Archaeology & Ethnography
Director, Randell Research Center
Florida Museum of Natural History


Carved Crane Head
From Lee Co., Florida
Dates to ~AD 850-1000

Donated by Phyllis Thomasson

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Carved Crane HeadRadha Krueger